Realigns Pharmaceuticals., Co Limited

Realigns Pharmaceuticals., Co. Limited owns Beauty and skin care brand The Dellameria, The organic skincare and cosmetics brand. We are manufacturing and exports Dellameria products globally under the principal company, Realigns Inc Our working parameters legal, ethical and above board, always. Beyond that, we have two equal organizational goals: First, we push the mission of the organization, supporting the other department in finding, cultivating and retaining the best employees, All the while we are doing that, we need to make. Working as a Representative, Market Authorization Holder, master distributor or consultant for partner companies from USA, Europe, and Asia… We can also serve you in Business Development and Business Consultation and training.

We already have a network of distributors & partner in Asia, Africa Europe & Latin America, and as part of our strategy we are looking expand our distributor and partners network and creating more business cooperation and expand our portfolio distribution channel.

Cosmetics & healthcare products : Pioneers in our field for skin care utilizing highest quality plants extracts, Dead Sea Minerals, honey & Milk capitalizing on our manufacturing process that adhere to GMP FDA and ISO 22716:2007 (international _ ISO EU standard for cosmetics EU Good Manufacturing practice) , state of the art and cutting edge technology to come up with products of nature to heal, beautify and care for your skin Della Terra / Della Terra is a Jordanian Dead sea products Company based in Amman, & Dellameria is Thai, Korean and European products founded to specify in Cosmetic Brands so far.

Our Certifications

Della Terra & Dellameria trade mark considered as luxury Cosmetic & Cosmeceutical Brand. Della Terra & Dellameria is manufactured in facility which based in deferent countries this facility is FDA registered and GMP compliant manufacturing site, using cutting edge technological equipment to produce the latest in skin, body and hair care products. The Quality Control of the facility is ISO 22716 Certified and manufactures under the strictest of EuGMP quality standards

We introduce all the products according to the economic situation of every country and our consumer, we are talking about a World where physical problems and limitations won’t keep us from doing what we want to do.

At Mother Nature create high-performance natural care products powered by nature & proven by science, using potent plants, organic ingredients, and pure natural herbal extract, to have high level of customer satisfaction through superior quality products Our dream; Is to lead in the age where everyone can enjoy the fruits of modern science.

Dellameria is a luxury effective trademarks made with premium price” Way to nature, Maximum efficacy with trusted safety profile

“Dellameria is a luxury effective trademarks made with premium price” Way to nature / Maximum efficacy with trusted safety profile