Competency-based Questionnaire

Please answer each question clearly and completely. You can skip only optional questions but try to answer instead leaving.


What is referral marketing? 92% consumers trust referrals from people they know. If you believe in customer reviews its a type of Digital word-of-mouth marketing.

What do you offer? We will invest on your training, building business skills, in-person online training sessions by foreign qualified business leaders and existing company directors.

What we earn and how? This opportunity will help you to earn —-% business share on individual or aggregate sales. The percentage share will be transferred on monthly bases.

Is this Salesmanship? No, it’s an Entrepreneurship

What is Entrepreneurship and who will invest? Entrepreneurship Is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Our company will invest on products and your training, you will only have to act of setting up a referral business by using word-of-mouth marketing skills. Our company will invest on manufacturing consumer products of your interest whatever you demand to produce and sale to online market place, also providing existing products.

Who will pay for the expenses? We will pay for all expenses including websites, marketing and delivery all over the country.

Why do we fill Competency-based Questionnaire? It’s a systematic way of checking your behavioral or situation handling skills and each question targets a skill needed for the position you are joining, this will help us to recognize your capability and eligibility before investing on you.

What’s surety of payments? We will provide you referral coupon number, this will help to recognize the person who refer the customer, when your customer will place and confirm the order from our website by using your valid coupon number, our system will recognize your identity, after receiving the payment from your customer you will get the notification email on same day.